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winter is coming
Hello vast emptiness of the interweb. I really only have this account so I can post on LJs of my favorite fandoms, Harry Potter & A Song of Ice & Fire. Sorry, nothing much else goes on here. But if you want to chat about HP or ASOIAF fire away & I'll surely write back!

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Do you have a "real" journal I guess you could call it? Where you post your writing? If you add people to that I'd love to read more of your work. I wish you'd do like weekly installments of S&S.

Hi there! I don't have a real journal for my writing because I haven't really done any! The story I posted over at SansaxSandor was my first fan fiction ever, and the only other writing I've done is two attempts at novels for NaNoWriMo (both totally unlike my SanSan story). :)

I wish I was inspired enough to do weekly stories! But I promise the next time I have a SanSan brainwave it will go up directly. :) I'm so glad you like my little story!

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